Finance & Accounting

Not just your Book-Keeper

We are qualified Accountants with years of cross border, broad base services & operation experience, that will analyse your financial statements, highlight issues of concern and recommend improvement.

General Accounting & Statutory Compliance

  • Establishment of accounting system
  • Maintenance of accounting books and records
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and yearly regulatory reports
  • Preparation of statutory financial statements
  • Coordinate audit

Management Accounting

  • Advice on financial management
  • Business planning and advice
  • Cash-flow projection & management

Part-time CFO

Your business' financial needs may warrant hiring a CFO:

  • When your top-line revenue grows quickly.
  • When you need a formal audit.
  • When you think your company might go public or engage in mergers or acquisitions.
  • When you have more than 30 employees.

If you’re looking at flexibility and cost-saving while trying to focus on growth of your Company, why not hire a Part-time CFO for a start?

We have Chartered Accountants (CA) with in-depth senior management experience in the field of Accounting & Finance that have worked in global and regional MNCs to provide advice in controllership, financial planning & reporting, project accounting, management & cost accounting.

Ask us how we can help your business